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About Us

Geeda's Hand Poured Candles began as a fundraising tool for long distance bike rides raising money for various charities.  Over time the number of rides per year grew and the funds raised per ride were well over $3,000.   An incentive was needed to encourage donations.  I bought a book "how to make candles" , taught myself to make some pretty basic candles and sold them to raise funds for causes I believed in.  As the years went by I honed my craft and while I no longer rode my bicycle from state to state, my supporters continued to request more candles.  And so a small business was born.

We do more than pour wax into containers.  Geeda's candles are most recognized for the uniquely blended fragrance we create as well as for the vibrant colors we select for both our pillars and for our decoupaged containers.  Our farmer's market customers frequently ask "is it art?  or is it candles?"  We like to say it is both!

We put a lot of care into the selection of the handmade papers and fabrics we use, as well as the wax types we offer, and the ingredients for our unique fragrance blends.  How those scents mingle together in a candle create an experience like no other.  

Doing what we can to be good neighbors in our community as well as good global citizens, we are most proud of the little bit of magic we can bring into the lives of all our customers.